The races will be held every Thursday at 9pm EST. Each race will be 30 minutes long WITH tire and fuel adjusted accordingly (there will be a weeks notice ahead of time). Once you have been slated with a team, you must have a livery with that teams sponsor on your cars as well as a number plate of your choosing. Once you pick a car you MUST stick with it for the season. Each team is expected to field at least one driver each race. Absence for 3 consecutive races will result in a disqualification for this season (you may choose a substitute driver if one is available).

Qualify will open at 9:00 and go until 9:15 (9:30 depending on track) and the race will begin at 9:20 (9:35). One driver per team at least must be slated to run. Failure to attend 3 consecutive races will result in disqualification for the season. Fuel and tire wear is on, track specific. Details for each race will be put out at the end of each week regarding the upcoming race.

BOP: on
Tuning: prohibited
Fuel: on (accordingly)
Tire Wear: on (accordingly)
Damage: full
Slipstream: real
Boost: off

RaceDateCourseLaps/TimeTiresFuelTime of day
12/27/2020Bathurst30 min5x5x5:30 clear
23/5/2020Laguna Seca30 min14:30 clear
33/12/2020Spa30 min11:00 Rain
43/19/2020Catalunya30 min16:30 clear
53/26/2020Autopolis30 min09:00 cloudy
64/2/2020Maggiore east30 min11:30 fine weather
74/9/2020Brands Hatch30 min21:00 clear
84/16/2020Suzuka30 min5:00 clear
94/23/2020Alsace village30 min17:15 fine weather
104/30/2020Nurburgring 24hr30 min22:30 clear

Once you have been placed with a team, you must have a livery with your cars sponsor as well as a number plate on the sides (at least) of your choosing. Once your car is chosen, you MUST run it for every race.

At the conclusion of each race, the replays will be viewed and any altercations will be penalized accordingly as the penalties will be off FOR THE RACE. Penalties will however be active for the qualification.


Mobil 1:
Tommie Kitchen McLeod Jr (Kitchuation)
Joe Gagliardi (RWB_JoeyCannoli)

Nigel Higginbotham (NLR_Venom)
Vasco Francisco (VFrancisco)

Mac Tools:
Rusty Clark (RWB_G8GTDriver
Caleb Ball (RWB_Trology)

Ian Higginbotham (RWB_Igorski)
Kevin Lee-Hope (T64turbo)

Coty T Thompson (RWB_Cupcake33)
Cody Winkle (RWB_CWinkle16)

Jonathan Jones (Jrod23atx)
Jon Mullan ( BigMacJon1982)

Chris Ball

Hosted By: RWB_CWinkle16