Welcome to the RWB Racing Club | The Red, White and Blue.

“Looking forward to seeing you on the track!!” –RWB Admins

RWB Racing Series Info

GR-2 Series

HOST: BigMacJon1982

This league is usually about 3-4 weeks long with 2 races each week. Click for more info.

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GR-3 Series

Host: RWB_CWinkle16

This league changes often, so check back often for more details.

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GR-4 Series

HOST: RWB_Outlaw

This series provides for multiple chances to shine in a GR4 car.

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Super Formula Series

HOST: RWB_PresidioDog

The 2021 season 1 is a whole new bag of cats. With back to back races, no individual qualifying, and $$$ per point…this season promises to be epic!

2021 Season Info

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World GT Cup

HOST: RWB_Venom and RWB_Igorski

Season 2 is upon us racer’s! The World GT Cup Series is back! There is a change to the structure with Car/Track specific races as well. We wanted to give you more of a challenge. Stay tuned for announcements regarding the next season.

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Gentleman’s Challenge Tuesday


This longest running series in the RWB puts more focus on the N Spec street cars in your garages…and VGT exclusive racing.

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Group C

Host: RWB_Cucpake

This series will focus on quick adaptation. These cars are fast, and tuning is a must. Going back in time to race the classics.

2020 Season Info

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MFR Challenge

Host:RWB_PresidioDog This series will focus on a single manufacturer, running a N200 class, then GR4, GR3 and so forth.

2021 Season Info

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Karting Series

HOST: RWB_VFrancisco

This series is about going back-to-basics and seeing who’s the fastest and smoothest driver in these not so easy shifter karts

2020 Season Info

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OUR MISSION– host events that are filled with clean racers, different events to satisfy your individual styles and skills and to provide a place you know you can find like racers with the same wants in races……for them to be clean, fun and friendly. Click here to see our Schedule Of Events

BE COURTEOUS – the main thing we ask is for everyone to respect each other on the track as we’re all here to enjoy ourselves and surround ourselves with other racers who think the same. If there is an incident in a race or practice lobby, restrain yourself from calling individuals out in race chat, it just causes further issues…